Working Hard, Playing Hard at The Killington School of Resort Management — Amy's Story

Women in Sustainability, Killington School of Resort Management

Most college-bound students (and their parents) are hopeful to pursue an academic program that will prepare them for lucrative and meaningful career options. At The Killington School of Resort Management, we constantly strive to find ways for students to put theory into practice, focusing on options that will result in real return on a student's college investment.

We chatted with Amy Laramie, a graduate of The Killington School of Resort Management, and got her take on what it was like to work hard and play hard at GMC.


5 Women in Sustainability Demanding Accountability for Our Food

Graduate Programs, Women in Sustainability

As Director of Green Mountain College's Sustainable Food Systems premier online graduate program, I believe that global sustainability challenges require more of higher education institutions than graduation rates and that institutions should measure success — not just by what the institution does — but also by the sustainability challenges that they empower their students to address.

I'm here to highlight and congratulate five women (four current students and one alumna) who participated in Green Mountain College's M.S. in Sustainable Food Systems program and who recently had their academic papers accepted at national conferences. 

Let's take a look at how these women in sustainability used their education and their experiences to bring awareness to the issues of accountability and social justice in our food systems.


People, Profit, Planet: One Woman's Pursuit of the Sustainable MBA

Women in Sustainability

“Like a lot of families, we approached it from an economic standpoint — it just made sense to conserve fuel by turning the thermostat down a notch. So the idea of conservation as part of the triple bottom line — people, profit, planet—has always been in the background for me.”

That's what Kathleen (Kat) "McCarthy" has to say about her familiar attachment to the idea of sustainability and conservation. Kat is one of the many women in sustainability who pursued a sustainability-focused business education in order to make a real difference in the economic sphere of the triple bottom line. Keep reading to learn more!


Connecting Humans to Nature — Shannon's Experience in Environmental Studies

Women in Sustainability

Shannon Westlake is a self-described “tree hugger” — going back to her childhood growing up in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

Today, Shannon is one of the many women in sustainability, interested in the connections between habitat management, species preservation, and healthy food. And she's cultivating her interest and her knowledge at Green Mountain College in the Master of Science in Environmental Studies (MSES).

Here's a look at Shannon's participation in the MSES program, her thoughts on GMC's applied learning model, and her interest in connecting humans to nature.


15 Sustainability-Related & Interactive Resources for Aspiring Women in Sustainability

Women in Sustainability

Do you want to become one of the many purpose-driven women in sustainability?

Are you looking to educate yourself with a variety of sustainability-related resources?

In our digital age, there are many ways to educate yourself on all kinds of sustainable practices and initiatives both inside and outside of the classroom. Let's take a look at 15 sustainability-focused resources you can access on a variety of platforms.


Ethnoecologist, Mercy Corps Supporter, & Global Leader in Sustainability — Meet Dr. Robin Currey

Women in Sustainability

Dr. Robin Currey is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to researching and implementing solutions for global food security and other international sustainability-related issues.

Dr. Currey serves as the Director of the Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems (MSFS) program and as the Assistant Professor of MSFS at Green Mountain College. In addition to her experience at GMC, Dr. Currey is an ethnoecologist, the former Director of Mercy Corps in Kyrgyzstan, and the current non-executive Director for a Mercy Corps-founded bank.

Dr. Currey was kind enough to provide some of her thoughts regarding women in sustainability and how her interdisciplinary education has helped her to tackle the gender equality issues in her field.


How a Graduate Degree Can Prepare You to be an International Leader in Sustainability

Women in Sustainability

Those considering a graduate degree may wonder how an advanced education in sustainability will provide them with practical job options. The reality in the expertise you can gain from such a degree can help prepare you for an exciting international career!

At Green Mountain College, we offer several graduate degrees that will provide you with the skills you need to thrive in today’s global market.


Creating a Sustainable Future: 10 Women Working in Sustainability

Women in Sustainability

The future lies in making sustainable practices a priority. 

The future of successful organizations will require professionals to have a sound understanding of economic, environmental, and social sustainability, and female professionals wishing to insert themselves as thought leaders in business and technology fields could advance their knowledge and sharpen their skills by enrolling in an advanced program that teaches through the lens of sustainability.

In this way, aspiring female leaders will market themselves as strategic professionals with competitive, forward-thinking sustainability-focused knowledge.

Here are 10 women in sustainability working to make a difference.


Confront Gender Bias: Thoughts from a Female Leader in Sustainability

Women in Sustainability

How does it look to work and lead as women in sustainability?

What does it look like for a woman to be a thought leader in her field?

Why is it important for women to arm themselves with advanced degrees?

We tackle these questions and many more with Diana Hembree, a student at Green Mountain College pursuing her Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems.

If you're a woman who wants to arm yourself as a thought leader in the field of sustainability, keep reading for some rich and thoughtful advice from one woman who's done just that.




For more than 20 years, Green Mountain College has been focused on environmental, social and economic sustainability. Our curriculum is rated #1 in the nation, and we’ve been recognized for our leadership in sustainability more than any other college in the country. Our faculty are leaders in their fields, with proven success teaching and mentoring GMC students to take on the great challenges of these times. 97% of our graduates are employed, in graduate school or otherwise gainfully engaged.

If you too want to learn how to do well by doing good, GMC is the place to be.