Working Hard, Playing Hard at The Killington School of Resort Management — Amy's Story

Women in Sustainability, Killington School of Resort Management

Most college-bound students (and their parents) are hopeful to pursue an academic program that will prepare them for lucrative and meaningful career options. At The Killington School of Resort Management, we constantly strive to find ways for students to put theory into practice, focusing on options that will result in real return on a student's college investment.

We chatted with Amy Laramie, a graduate of The Killington School of Resort Management, and got her take on what it was like to work hard and play hard at GMC.


6 Signs You’re Suited for a Career in Hospitality

Killington School of Resort Management

A dynamic career path that comes with all the thrill of outdoor adventure as well as all the luxury of a lucrative paycheck: For the right kind of person, it’s a dream come true.

While working in hospitality and resort management can be challenging, it’s also rewarding — and more than anything, it’s a ton of fun!

Read on to see if you have what it takes to succeed in a hospitality-focused career.




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