5 Women in Sustainability Demanding Accountability for Our Food

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As Director of Green Mountain College's Sustainable Food Systems premier online graduate program, I believe that global sustainability challenges require more of higher education institutions than graduation rates and that institutions should measure success — not just by what the institution does — but also by the sustainability challenges that they empower their students to address.

I'm here to highlight and congratulate five women (four current students and one alumna) who participated in Green Mountain College's M.S. in Sustainable Food Systems program and who recently had their academic papers accepted at national conferences. 

Let's take a look at how these women in sustainability used their education and their experiences to bring awareness to the issues of accountability and social justice in our food systems.


Dietitians: Here’s Why You Need a Graduate Degree NOW

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Are you a registered dietitian or a professional seeking to pursue a career in nutrition education?

Are you passionate about sustainability and locally sourced food?

Did you know that by 2024, all registered dietitians will be required to have a master’s degree?

We’re here to tell you why the Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems offered at Green Mountain College may be the perfect graduate degree to help you reach your professional goals.


Rooted in Place: Understanding a Bioregional Approach to Graduate Learning

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The most effective way to heal the planet and society is to be the positive change we want to see in the world — by creating the sustainable organizations and systems that support a healthy planet and societies for future generations.

In order to make an impact, we’re going to need brave innovators, educators, and activists that are ready to implement their knowledge and skills into their current organizations and communities.

This is where the bioregional, applied approach to learning at Green Mountain College becomes so vital.


5 Careers for Developing Resilient & Sustainable Communities

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The students in Green Mountain College’s Resilient and Sustainable Communities (MRSC) graduate program develop skills in leaderships, group organization, and conflict resolution, while learning about land-use planning, economic development, energy production, food systems, and resource management.

Here at GMC, we're confident that this program prepares students for many rapidly expanding careers in a variety of sustainability-focused fields.

The below career paths represent a crucial body of the workforce and are perfect for graduates of GMC’s MRSC program.


Sustainability 101: What it is, Why it Matters, and How We’re Living It

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What is sustainability?

Simply put, sustainability is the kind of development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Although this sounds modest, its embrace is wide, profound, and far-reaching, encompassing social, economic, political, and environmental factors.

We could easily go the way of the dodo bird if we fail to collaborate with nature’s limited resources, which leads us to sustainability: a frequently misunderstood word that deserves clarification, especially when applied to agriculture, food, and food production.


Unpacking Responsible Agricultural Production with a Master’s in Sustainable Food Systems

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At Green Mountain College, we think that food should be fresh, nutritious, local, and affordable. We also believe that the well-being of the land, workers, and animals should always be kept in mind during the farming and food production processes.

We understand that upholding this standard for our country’s food systems can be difficult, but here at Green Mountain College, we are dedicated to actively raising up a generation of changemakers who can carry out sustainability-conscious methods of food production and agriculture.

That’s why we offer a Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems program, a solutions-oriented program that emphasizes the development of new methods of food production and distribution that are socially just and less reliant on fossil fuels and other non-renewable natural resources.


Understanding the Triple Bottom Line: Why GMC’s Sustainable MBA Program Focuses on Environmental, Social, and Economic Efforts

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In recent decades, businesses have come to wield more power than ever before — the income of many multinational corporations now exceeds that of several countries. Today, there’s a growing expectation that business should be beholden to multiple stakeholders — not just investors.

Many of those businesses embracing that approach are outperforming more traditionally managed organizations. As a business professor and former business executive, I believe that creating employment and delivering critical goods and services while also taking into consideration the welfare of people and the planet presents some of the most critical challenges — and exciting management opportunities — of our times.

That challenge comes down to a “triple bottom line” — one encompassing profits, people, and the planet.


4 Reasons Introverts and Extroverts Alike Thrive in an Online Graduate Program

Graduate Programs

There are many benefits to enrolling in an online graduate program: you don’t have to travel to classes, you can keep your current job, you enjoy much more flexibility in your schedule, and it’s typically much less expensive than traditional on-campus graduate studies.

But then you start thinking about the responsibility that comes with online classes — the self-motivation, the personal accountability, the non-traditional classroom — and questions start to race through your mind: Can I do this? How will I stay motivated and on task? Will I miss out by not having a traditional classroom experience? Do I have the right personality traits to thrive in an online program?


How to Inspire Your Community to Become a Transition Town

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Transition or a Transition Town is an innovative movement in which communities collaborate on a local level to address challenges and build solutions for a sustainable future. In a time when global issues and politics can seem overwhelming and discouraging, helping your community to become a Transition Town is a rewarding way to make a tangible difference.

The process of transforming your city into a Transition Town may seem daunting. Where should you even begin? Here, we’ll discuss some practical ways to make your local community more sustainably aware.  


Want to Become a Chef, Farmer, Food Blogger or Dietitian? Why You Should Start with a Green Mountain College Degree in Sustainable Food Systems

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Climate change, water scarcity, pesticides, food insecurity, animal welfare concerns … it’s not hard to uncover the problems associated with the way we raise, process, distribute, and consume food, but it takes experts and hands-on experience to get at the solutions.

Green Mountain College's undergraduate and graduate programs in sustainable agriculture and food systems connect students with the soil and the kitchen and everything in between. Our programs also connect students with food systems change agents who show students how to engage successfully in the Good Food Revolution — a movement that is transforming farming, food, and communities around the world.

The GMC Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems (MSFS) is a degree designed to help promote meaningful solutions for a cleaner and healthier planet, one food system at a time.




For more than 20 years, Green Mountain College has been focused on environmental, social and economic sustainability. Our curriculum is rated #1 in the nation, and we’ve been recognized for our leadership in sustainability more than any other college in the country. Our faculty are leaders in their fields, with proven success teaching and mentoring GMC students to take on the great challenges of these times. 97% of our graduates are employed, in graduate school or otherwise gainfully engaged.

If you too want to learn how to do well by doing good, GMC is the place to be.