Brochures and websites can’t capture the full story and the authentic experience of a college campus. For that, you need to visit the campus in person and attend an open house event.

At Green Mountain College, we believe it's invaluable for each student to discover what makes the GMC community so special. That's why we're hosting a Fall Open House event on Saturday, November 10.

We hope you'll be able to join us!  And, we encourage you to consider attending open houses at every college you are considering, so when you do choose where to enroll (and we are truly hoping it is GMC!) you'll feel confident in your decision.  Wherever you decide to attend,  keep reading for a list of questions to ask to ensure you get the most out of your visit.

You are invited to Green Mountain College’s 2018 Fall Open House on Saturday,  November 10th. Bring your family to discover what makes GMC so special!

1. Why did you choose to attend this college?

It's helpful to talk to current students  about why  they chose to attend the college they did and what their experiences have been. If you share their interests and goals, you can feel more confident you might also benefit from enrolling.

2. What kind of internships does this college allow for undergraduate students?

Interning during your undergraduate years can prove crucial to success, as internships in your chosen field enable you to gain hands-on practice with the concepts you learn in class. In addition, you’ll be able to make valuable connections and gain substantial experience for your future career!

During an open house, be sure to ask about what kinds of internship opportunities are available at the college, where former students have interned, and how these internships have been beneficial.

3. Does this school offer financial aid?

Figuring out how to finance higher education is important to most students and their families. Fortunately, many colleges offer financial aid.  Ask what forms of financial aid are offered, and how the college helps make their education more affordable (for example, at GMC we freeze your tuition for all 4 years).  It’s also worth asking staff from the financial aid office if they can direct you to outside scholarships for which  you may be eligible.

4. How has this college helped shape who you are, personally and academically?

Talking to current students about how their college environment affected and influenced them can help you better understand if this school will help you achieve your goals.

5. How does the college help ensure a smooth transition for students during their first year? 

Starting college can be overwhelming — after all, it’s a huge transition! If you’re worried about how to handle the academic workload and new environment, it may be a good idea to ask about what kinds of programs or support systems the college offers to help new students adjust. Orientations, advising, and first-year seminars are all great tools that can help you adjust to college life more quickly.

6. What makes your department stand out? 

If you already know what you’re planning to study, an open house is the perfect time to find the faculty in your field of interest and ask them what differentiates their department from similar departments in other colleges. Is it smaller classes? A specific academic focus in the courses? On-campus projects that allow for experiential learning? In addition, meeting professors in person is often a great way to decide if you’ll enjoy their teaching style or not.

7. Given my skills and interests, do you think I would do well in your field?

If you don’t already know what you’re planning to study (and it’s okay if you don’t!), you can introduce yourself to a wide variety of faculty, tell them a bit about your background, and ask them questions about their field of study. Even though a college open house isn’t technically an advising session, it’s still a great opportunity to speak with professors about the fields they work in and why they chose their respective careers.

8. What kinds of study abroad and exchange programs are available?

For many prospective undergraduate students, studying abroad is an exciting aspect of the college experience. If you have a specific destination in mind, it may be worth inquiring about partnerships that the college has with universities in other countries. Study abroad opportunities vary widely by college.

9. What is the community like?

Knowing what the community around you will be like is an important part of deciding which college you’ll attend. What values do the people around you hold, and are they similar to yours? Asking questions about the community before enrolling in a school will help you ensure that you’re truly happy in your chosen college that you’re in an environment where you can thrive.

10. What kinds of sports and other activities does the college offer? 

Everyone knows that the college experience isn’t just about academics. If you’re spending the better part of four years at a college, you’ll want to make sure that you can engage in activities that you enjoy while you’re there. Whether you’re interested in basketball, performing arts, or charity work, the students and staff at an open house should be able to provide you with information about the activities available at the college.

Green Mountain College is dedicated to preparing you for success — during and after your college experience.

As a prospective college student, you're probably wondering: How will my college experience prepare me to be hired? Specifically, how will choosing GMC prepare me to thrive in the real world?

Well, we have great news: 97 percent of recent GMC graduates are employed, in graduate school, serving in the military or gainfully engaged, and 95 percent of our graduates are satisfied or very satisfied in their work. The numbers speak for themselves: GMC graduates go into the workforce armed as knowledgeable, mission-driven professionals ready to make a real difference in a variety of job markets that make sustainability-minded practices a priority. 

If you think  Green Mountain College might be the educational experience you're looking for, we invite you to request more information today!

You're invited to attend our Fall Open House event on Saturday, November 10!

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